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puttering rocks, shadows slant

...occasionally by blithe spurts of whistling, and knew by his extreme busy-ness that he was merely puttering.
                  ...rocks at the foot of the yard, and beyond it
entered the beech woods, thinking over again
                  340 SHADOWS SLANT NORTH.

— Mary Bledsoe, Shadows Slant North (1937) : 340 : link (Michigan copy, via hathitrust)

from search puttering + slant : link


  1. later found, via LoC, the hathitrust scan. Glanced through some passages; will return for more.
  2. Listed at end of Caroline B. Sherman, “American Rural Fiction, 1937,” with this description:
          “Simple life in a remote community in North Carolina is described as it is lived against a mighty background of mountains and forest.”
    In Agricultural Economics Literature (USDA, Bureau of Agricultural Economics) 12:1 (January 1938) : 2 : link

    Others in that list include Edwin Corle, Vardis Fisher, Caroline Gordon, Mari Sandoz, Wallace Stegner and John Steinbeck.

    Caroline Baldwin Sherman (1881-1971) “began her career in the USDA as the librarian in the Office of Markets in 1915... [and] moved up through the ranks over the decades to become head of editorial and research functions in the Division of Economic Information...” (Helen Tangires, Movable Markets: Food Wholesaling in the Twentieth-Century City, 2019) : 144 : link

    According to Commirre (1975), Mary Bledsoe was a cataloguer at the Library of Congress, 1921-22; it is at least conceivable that she and Caroline B. Sherman crossed paths in D.C..

  3. Mary (Bledsoe) Gillette (1894-1977),
    some particulars at Anne Commirre, Something about the Author (Gale Research, vol. 7; 1975) : 103-104 : link (at archive.org, borrowable)

25 September 2022