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the defects of his qualities and the qualities of his defects

      He kicked his slippers toward Zeb, who was puttering at the suit-case.
      “Put those in the suit-case and hand me my black-silk socks.”
      Zeb looked everywhere for the black-silk socks.

ex What’s the World Coming To? By Rupert Hughes. Illustrated by Frank Snapp. (1920) : 241
NYPL copy (via hathitrust) : link

      Mrs. Summerlin ended the nonsense with a word. “Why, nobody posed, of course! Who’d you suppose posed? April had been puttering away at that for months. She began it one day when she had one of her premonitions that you had been killed in France. She called you angel and said she was going to make a gre’t monument for you. And I hope you’re not going to—”
      Bob did not wait to find out the end of that “going to.” He broke in:
      “Why, of course not, Mrs. Summerlin! I was just thinking it was so fine that she must have had a model.”
      [69] Bob had both the defects of his qualities and the qualities of his defects. He had a hair-trigger temper, and he shot off accusations point-blank, but he was just as quick with his apologies, and he fairly riddled himself with them.
pp 68-69 : link

nice section titles : Money Comes In; Money Goes Out; Honor Comes In; Honor Goes Out; Love Goes Out; Love Comes In. : link

and nice “inventory of trouseaus” 1914-1919 : pp 124-126 : link

caption to illustration, facing p340 —
She [April Summerlin] decided that sculpture was not for her.

Frank Snapp (1876-1927)

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