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speaking at random… sneaked off to the library

...Obviously, it was not a secret that made for domestic harmony.
      Pound hardly knew what did happen the next few minutes. He found himself puttering idiotically around the centertable, speaking at random. Then he sneaked off to the library...

ex Will Payne, The Losing Game (1909, 1910) : 216 : link
same (UC copy, via hathitrust)

Will Payne (1865-1954)
...was an American financial journalist and novelist with unique and interesting views on capitalism and society. Most turn-of-the-century American novelists who wrote about economics inhabited opposite poles of the political spectrum : they tended to write either overt socialist tracts (e.g., Upton Sinclair, Jack London, Theodore Dreiser) or hagiographies of captains of industry (e.g., Samuel Merwin, Henry Kitchell Webster, Mary Hallock Foote). Payne’s work, however, defies such simple categorization. In novels such as The Money Captain (1898), Mr. Salt (1903), and When Love Speaks (1906), Payne challenged readers to consider a longer term view of the effects of capitalism.
— abstract, to Scott Dalrymple. “A Glass Half Full : Capitalist ethics in the novels of Will Payne” in Essays in Economic & Business History 23:1 (2005)

Illustrations by F(rederic). R(odrigo). Gruger (1871-1953)
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