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spare time, a brace and a bit, an entirely new groove

                                                            Very often just ‘puttering’ around the house or yard, mowing the lawn, tinkering with an automobile, or making playthings for the children, will give the mind the mind the desired relaxation...
      I know a woman who just loves to ‘putter around’ as she calls it. Her hobbies consist of
                                    three ducks,
                              twenty-one chickens,
                        sixty guinea pigs,
                  thirty cabbage plants,
            and three children...
Let’s play.
                                    Your mind travels in an entirely new groove.

                              Rowland Haynes, sampled from
Albert Sidney Gregg, “Making Use of the Hours that Go to Waste. An interview, on the value of indulging in a good, live hobby, with Rowland Haynes, graduate of the Invisible University of Spare Time.” in The New Success (Marden’s Magazine, Orison Swett Marden, editor), 5:1 (New York, January 1921) : 105-108, 153 : link
same (via hathitrust) : link

Albert Sidney Gregg (1866-1929), author of Ways that Win in Church Finance (1902), Methodist minister, anti-saloon activist, writer in periodicals.

Rowland Haynes (1878-1963), short bio : link
several publications listed at / available via hathitrust : link
including A Community Recreation Program (Cleveland Foundation Committee, 1920) : link

Orison Swett Marden (1848-1924), New Thought-oriented inspirational writer; wikipedia : link

11 December 2022