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partially water, but position these entwines

                        This island is in a better
                        All animals’ bodies are partially
water; but position than
any other I visited, for the pro- ...
                        of a chair; these it entwines about any object while he is puttering over his drug cure,
                        it is of contact

OCR cross-column confusion,
occasioned by search for “island” + “puttering” and
involving “Jelly-Fish, an interesting description of them,” by J. W. Buel, and
a longer essay “Drugs for Foul Brood, why the opposition to the drug method,” by F. L. Thompson (Arvada, Colorado), in
Gleanings in Bee Culture 23:8 (Medina, Ohio; April 15, 1895) : 306 : link

6 January 2023