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accumulated junk, devious permutations

In mythical thought, devious permutations of signified-into-signifying images — equivalent to puttering with accumulated junk — to form analogies and new arrangements, as in the poetic nature of naive or raw art (Levi-Strauss) ...

— at the end of B entries, thus probably part of the entry for “bricolage,” in
Stephen Rosenthal, his “A Shorter Dictionary of the Arts,” in Issue : A Journal for Artists 1 (?) : 1985 : 21 : link (snippet only)

Have not been able to locate (let alone access) the original, but find an excerpt (not including the above) entitled “Terms of Art” in Harper’s (May 1985) : 30

Stephen Rosenthal (1935- ), “abstract” painter.

A recent monograph —
Stephen Rosenthal : Constellations, texts by Texts by Davide Ferri and Barry Schwabsky (2021) : link
and review of work included in that catalogue :
Emanuela Zanon, “Stephen Rosenthal. Islands, Archipelagoes, Constellations” in Juliet (26 October 2018) : link

I like what I see of, and have read about, this work.

10 January 2023