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around me and in my mind times when

                                                            I prefer having private time alone so I can organize myself,
                                    putter around a bit,
            straighten things out around me and in my mind — and then sit down
                                                            to putter. There are times
                                                when I don’t want to commit myself to any
                                    How good is man’s life ,
                        one activity but I’m in the mood to move around
            the mere living ! how fit
and do whatever I find delight in
                                    “Imagination needs noodling,”
            explained the writer Brenda Ueland, “long, inefficient, dawdling, and puttering.” I’ve learned how to take care of my inner needs by spending more time alone, quietly
                                                            Each of us could read or rest, play or putter independently for specific periods of time, as long as we didn’t disturb the peace for another.
                                    The girls often wanted to curl up in my bed, which was fine.

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  2. The Art of the Possible : The Path from Perfectionism to Balance and Freedom (1995)

    a : 84 : link (cross-column confusion)
    the italicized passage in 2a is from
    Robert Browning, “Saul”, first published in Men and Women (1855) : vol. 2, p120 : link

    b : 236 : link

  3. Mothers : A Celebration (1997) : 45 : link

Alexandra Stoddard (1941-),
“author, interior designer, and lifestyle philosopher... pioneer of the Happiness Movement”
author’s website : link
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23 January 2023