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seclusive and inclined

Figure 61. —I-1, sociable and jovial, but worried and grew depressed; at 69 committed suicide by drowning. II-1. 5, girls, were sociable and well liked. II-2, a fussy, puttering; old lady; irritable and disagreeable. II-3, sociable, cheerful, and even-tempered. II-4, seclusive and inclined to worry, but even-tempered and well liked. II-5, seclusive, irritable, and peevish; at 19 was noisy and excited, later depressed; at hospital 3 times for mania and depression. III-1, stubborn, opinionated; spent nights in carousals and debaucheries; became irritable and threatening; had epileptic fits, then periods of restlessness and depression.

ex “Pedigree Charts,” in Charles B. Davenport, The Feebly Inhibited : Nomadism, or the wandering impulse, with special reference to hereditity : Inheritance of Temperament.
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Publication No. 236; Paper No. 24 of the Station for Experimental Evolution ad Cold Spring Harbor, New York (1915) : 155 : link
(Harvard copy, one of several available via hathitrust)

  1. Charles Benedict Davenport (1866-1944), “biologist and eugenicist”

    see also

  2. Gertrude Crotty Davenport (1866-1946), zoologist
    wikipedia and
    “White Feminism and Eugenics: The Case of Gertrude Davenport,” at Lady Science (1 July 2017) : link

    and their daughter

  3. Millia Davenport (1895-1992), costumer, theater designer, scholar, author of The Book of Costume (1948) : link (borrowable at archive.org)

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