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odds and ends, various little

      In plain truth, instead of worrying him, the sudden skipping off of the two of them filled Oscar with a sense of peaceful relief.
      He spent the day in puttering placidly through various little odds and ends he wanted to clear up. One was a letter to a very dear little woman in Sweden, or rather, to be quite accurate, a dear very big woman in Sweden, whom he...

ex Rufus King, The Fatal Kiss Mystery (1928) : 192 : link (snippet only)
and here, a slight bit more : link

Rufus King (1893-1966), author of whodunit crime novels
wikipedia : link

There was also a later, Popular Library #43 paperback of this (1945), illustrated by
H. Lawrence Hoffman (1911-77), wikipedia : link;
gallery of his covers at flickr : link
(a wonderful gathering, btw; photostream : link)

12 March 2023