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the entire showing

...a book, and ceaseless puttering about the old house made up the entire showing for a week. And caution!

— Nancy Hale, The Empress’s Ring (1955) : 128 : link (snippet only)
the story with that title (“puttering” must be in another) is readable online at Library of America : link
and reissued in Lauren Groff, ed., Where the Light Falls : Selected Stories of Nancy Hale (LoA, 2019) : link

“Puttering” appears in the story “The Snows of Childhood” (pages 127-133), which ran in The New Yorker (March 9, 1951). Jacket design (of the book) was by Jeanyee Wong (1920-2017), who “hand-lettered over 40 illustrated books and 2,000 dust jackets” : fonts in use : link

Nancy Hale (1908–1988)
wikipedia : link
Nancy Hale Papers (at Smith College) : SSC-MS-00251 : link
and at the University of Virginia : link
and this Nancy Hale Bibliography (by Norah Lind, 2008), also at Smith : link (pdf)


9 May 2023