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all manner of objects, hid; appeared not to know her way

...Changed in the last half a year. Jealous fantasies. Decline in memory, frequently during food preparation. Pointless puttering about in the home. Fear of people she knows well. Hid all manner of objects, which she then could not find. Appeared not to know her way... Some paraphasic phrases and perseveration in spontaneous speech. Omits letters and syllables when writing...

re: admission form for August D., Railroad clerk’s wife... Prehistory, findings at admission and course (1904), in
Konrad Maurer & Ulrike Maurer, Alzheimer : The Life of a Physician and the Career of a Disease (1998; translated by Neil Levi, with Alistair Burns, 2003) : 156 : link
borrowable at archive.org : link (opens to 156-157)

later, p 157 —
“Alzheimer was aware that these findings, because of the limited space on the form, could represent only the essential in telegram style.”

Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915)
wikipedia : link

lately wonder if this project devoted to “pointless puttering” is a welcome extended to — and thereby hastening — the onset of that or some like-minded plight.

14 June 2023