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that never gets beyond a new order

Courage shows itself not only in defense. The best defensive is an offensive. So a church-body that has a commanding conception of its tasks and opportunities and fearlessly undertakes to carry it out will make an entirely different impression than a church-body that never gets beyond puttering around in a narrow limited circle. Men love the heroic. They are inspired by bold, fearless plans. They are impatient of men with limited vision and fearful hearts. Christianity is bold and world-conquering in its conception and central impulse. It has been that in practical operation from the Master to the present day. There is a revolutionary dynamic in it far greater than Bolshevisim, anarchy or kindred attempts at establishing a new order.

ex “Publicity with Character” (editorial) in American Lutheran Survey 10:22 (September 24, 1919) : 697 : link

26 August 2023