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no matter how cold it is, even though

                                                      necessitates a five o’clock rising hour for the winter also. Even though the work is not so toilsome during the winter months as it is in the hot, sultry weather of June or July when the hay has to be mowed away, or the barley threshed, the milk has to be taken to town every morning no matter how cold it is, and the whole day long a man is kept “puttering around” the yard doing chores.
                                                      The work is finished earlier in the evening than it is in the summer...

ex Carl W. Thompson and G. P. Warber, Social and Economic Survey of a Rural Township in Southern Minnesota (University of Minnesota, Studies in Economics, 1; April 1913) : 10 : link

                                                      I’ve got forbears in Minnesota — Blue Earth on the Mann/McVey side, St. Thomas (Minneapolis ? ) on the Ronan/Royayne other — and a 5:00 a.m. rise, and even 4:00, makes abiding sense to me.

26 August 2023