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puttering dust, at any time weeds

                                                        a little ] puttering
                                                dust at any time during the year and
                                        petent judge of lambs and afterwards
                                the list of this pen have a record
                        on about in odd
                corners of the farm works
        have all grain treated before seeding
shipped cooperatively. There is


                                                        ex cross-column OCR misread etc confusions at “Notes from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College,” involving “C.S.T.A. Conference,” “Sheep Fair at Mabou,” “Poultry Doings at the College,” and “After-harvest Work against Weeds (Experimental Farms Notes),” at
The Maritime Farmer and Co-operative Dairyman 28:23 (Sussex, New Brunswick; September 4, 1923) : 632
U Illinois copy/scan via google : link
same, via hathitrust : link

the passage containing puttering (authored by Herbert Groh), lists its virtues —
“Besides removing a menace to crops — and often to good-will among neighbors — a little puttering about in odd corners of the farm works wonders in making the old place more likeable.”

putterings become dust become weeds.

18 September 2023