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raindoop sound, the unreturning past

Then if in thy latter day,
      When age thy remnant joys is rifling,
Thou shouldst mark absorbed in play,
      Youth with all its ardour trifling,
Will not a tear unbidden stray,
And roll resentful of thy stifling?
Like the raindoop’s puttering sound,
      On the dozy fire-heap cast,
      Are the stingings of the wound,
      That marks the unreturning past.

ex Margaret Blennerhassett, “The Remembrance of Youth Is a Sigh,” in The Widow of the Rock : And Other Poems. By A Lady. (Montreal, 1824) : 184-192 (190)

BL copy/scan (via google books) : link
U Alberta (via hathitrust) : link
same (U Alberta, via archive.org) : link
the latter “Filmed from a copy of the original publication held by the National Library of Canada”

published by Edward Vernon Sparhawk (1798-1838)
wikipedia : link

raindoop ?
by a dozy compositor ?

Margaret Agnew Blennerhassett (1771-1842)
wikipedia : link

18 November 2023