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reading a pile of books; nor did she ever mention

However, she couldn’t fail to notice that over the family holidays of 1988, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there was apparently no place on earth where Maggie Horvath was expected, nor did she ever mention any normal, conventional regret at not being able to join her family for one reason or another. Maggie, looking not at all depressed, spent the long weekends sleeping late, puttering in her tiny kitchen, reading a pile of books, going alone to movies, and devouring with gratitude the leftovers Polly brought back from the big Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to which she'd been invited.
      Was she an orphan? Polly wondered.

ex Judith Krantz, The Jewels of Tessa Kent : A Novel (1998; 2011) : 287 : link
formerly at archive.org, all removed : link

Judith Krantz (1928-2019)
wikipedia : link

readers (even one New York Times reviewer) seem to like this book, for a variety of reasons.
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