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which counsel style “feeble putterings”

      On the question of the amount and value of Andrew’s labor — which counsel style “feeble putterings” — we respectully refer the court to the testimony of the twelve practical farmers, all neighbors of Andrew, epitomized on page 5 of our brief.
      We shall not weary the court with further references...

ex State of Michigan, Supreme Court, “In re Estate of Reuben H. Colburn, deceased.”
John E. More, administrator of the estate of Andrew K. Colburn, deceased, Claimant and Appellee, vs. George E. Luther, administrator of the estate of Reuben H. Colburn, deceased, Contestant and Appellant.
Supplemental Brief for Claimant and Appellee.
filed May 14, 1908 : link

7 January 2024