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meanwhile, scribbling around the wreckage

stop puttering around the wreckage. Nothing must be touched until someone arrives from the District Attorney’s office.
Meanwhile Bruce has been scribbling notes about everything he sees and hears. No detail is too small.
For several hours he hangs around, interviewing everybody who

ex News Workers / Picture Fact Book series
Alice V. Keliher, editor, Franz Hess, Marion LeBron [and] Rudolf Modley; Arnold Beichman, consultant (1939) : 24 : link (snippet only)

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  1. Alice V. Keliher (1903-1995)
    expert, writer on early childhood education; proponent of preschool; opera lover; friend (and neighbor) of Eleanor Roosevelt
    papers (and biographical note) at NYU (MC.139) : link
    New York Times obituary (July 14, 1995) : link (paywall)
  2. Rudolf Modley (1906-76)
    statistical graphics (and icon) designer, associated with Otto Neurath (and his Isotype), later developed his own pictorial symbols
    wikipedia : link
    New York Times obituary (September 30, 1976) : link (paywall)

    his Pictographs and Graphs : How to Make and Use Them (co-written with Dyno Lowenstein, 1952) is borrowable at archive.org : link

    see also
    The United States : A Graphic History (text by Louis M. Hacker, pictorial statistics by Rudolf Modley, statistical research by George R. Taylor; 1937 ) : link (via hathitrust)

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