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crazy, John! Crazy!

      “Just say it’s the going on, the seeking, that matters,” he had implored her.

      ...But she must know, even in a housekeeper’s way, how it takes time to establish an idea. It would take four or five years for his to get into order, so it would march — “like a little army.”
      “Four or five years is a long time to wait in New York. You are crazy, John! Crazy! puttering there in the laboratory with Miss Mapes.” Her eyes had gone all over him. Not a wife’s eyes at all. They estimated him. He held no value for them.

ex Nathalie Sedgwick Colby. Black Stream (1927) : 17-18 : link
same (U Virginia) copy/scan (via hathitrust) : link

Lewis Cronenberger, “Nathalie Colby’s New Novel Is a Caustic Social Study,” in The New York Times (September 11, 1927) : link (paywall; *)

  1. Nathalie Sedgwick Colby (1875-1942)
    some newspaper obits : link
  2. her novels
    Green Forest (1927)
    Black Stream (1927)
    Man Can Build a House (1928)
    For Life; A novel (1935)
  3. her memoir
    Remembering (1938)
    borrowable via archive.org : link
  4. her husband
    Bainbridge Colby (1869-1950)
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