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but the habit of, and many others

...But the habit of hesitation, the habit of self-depreciation, the habit of self-overvaluation, the habit of procrastination, the habit of fussing and puttering, the habit of slovenliness, the worrying habit, the loafing habit, and many others are just as deadly as some of the good old-fashioned vices. You can think out for yourself a few more to extend the list.

“How to Break Weakening Habits,” by Hugo Masters, in Good Health : How to Get It — And Keep It (Macfadden Publications, 1928) : 82 : link
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google books attribution notwithstanding, no no “puttering” in Alvah H. Doty (1854-1934), his earlier book of (almost the same) title, Good Health : How to Get It and How to Keep It (1917
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7 February 2024