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in the light of. I cast about

                              ...of the Aphorisms. It pierces our consciousness across the ages as we think of some of the deep and organic cancers and of the meddlesome rather than of the radical surgery, of the superficial growths, of the dalliance /

As this went down in my pencil notes I cast about...

                                                                              with x-ray and radium, escharotics, and local applications. If not early, quick, wide incision — indeed their life is not prolonged and it is better often to give no treatment. This is not far from the state of mind of the majority of modern medical men. Puttering discourse as to etiology as well as the paltering with treatment in some of the Hippocratic writings...

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Jonathan Wright, “Medical History / Critical and Desultory Remarks in the Light of Ancient Medicine,” in Medical Record (“A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery”) 100:22 (November 26, 1921) : 964-968 :
U Michigan copy/scan (via google books) : link
Cornell copy/scan (via hathitrust) : link

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Jonathan Wright, M.D. (1860-1928)
authored two (or several) books (and many essays) on medical history, and his specialty, the nose and throat (laryngology and rhinology).

See memorial (and remarkable list of publications) for Jonathan Wright, written by Arthur W. Proetz, M.D., in Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology 37:4 (December 1928) : link (archive.org)

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