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the fourth assignment of error, on a 10-acre lot up there

      The following testimony is made the basis of the fourth assignment of error. It appears in the testimony of the same witness in which he is testifying of the plaintiff, as follows :
      “All he was doing was puttering around on a 10-acre lot up there, and he was not doing much of anything that I could see, so I figured up what his expenses would be, and it came to approximately $10 even for the day he went down to Toledo on his own business, as he reported to me that day he went to Imlay City, and Sunday he went to Toledo again...”

ex Crane v. Ross, in
Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Michigan from December 29, 1911, to March 12, 1912; Vol. 168 (Chicago 1912; March 1912) : 624-633 (629) : link

a tiresome case, on trivial technicalities; here only because Gibbs v. Gas Co. appears voluminously in results for this volume.

20 February 2024