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      These dowsing techniques do not just scout out the electromagnetic fields that lace our environment. They lead toward the sacred, as does a meditative practice that also interlocks with the telluric power structure...

                                                            I went about seeking more tools, especially the Bovis biometer.
      It was exciting to find myself puttering around on the cutting edge of new science. It was frustrating not to know more, to be able to do more, right away. More seeking was clearly ahead of me. There were more books to ferret out and read, and some already on my shelves needed to be studied again.

ex Michèle Burdet, Stumbling Down the Shamanic Path : Mystic Adventures and Misadventures (iUniverse, 2007, 2010) : 76
google books : link

ex search for “puttering” + “dowsing”

  1. Alfred Bovis (1871-1947), “Commerçant itinérant en quincaillerie, Bovis développe une passion pour la radiesthésie.”
    fr.wikipedia : link

    Par Auteur inconnu — La Vie à la campagne, 1er août 1935

  2. see “Bovis Life Force Bioenergy Units Dowsing Chart,” reproduced in Leopoldo Orsini Corvetti, Orgonomic Sciences Handbook (2019) : 81 : link

10 March 2024