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in a way to make the thing exist

      “It is never well to keep your work too much inside the frame. Carry it well out to the edge.”

Now, charge well your brush, then note it down,
      In a way to make the thing exist;
Play with your paint, oh, I really wish you would,
      And from niggle-ing and puttering desist.

from “The Chase Song, for the authorship of which no one would plead guilty,” and used as a serenade, in
Marietta Minnigerode Andrews, Memoirs of A Poor Relation; Being the story of a post-war Southern girl and her battle with destiny (New York: Dutton, 1927) : 399
U California copy/scan (via hathitrust) : link
same (via google books) : link

  1. Marietta Minnigerode Andrews (1869-1931), painter, designer, writer
    wikipedia : link
  2. Niece of Meade Minnigerode; see her account of stay at his house, in Paris at pp 429-431 : link
  3. papers at Virginia Commonwealth University, M 189 : link

3 May 2024