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none of the usual; no loose; nothing

      The tool has a better support than ordinarily and is held more rigidly because three binding screws are used. It also may be removed for grinding and replaced in practically the same position. None of the usual puttering around with hammer or wrench is necessary to set the tool back in position. There are no loose pieces when for any reason the toolpost is removed from the lathe; there is nothing to be lost or mislaid. Furthermore, the toolpost may be used for turning and boring either right- or left-hand with equal convenience.

ex H. L. Wheeler, “Improved Toolpost Speeds Up Lathe Work” in section Better Shop Methods / How expert mechanics save time and labor), Popular Science Monthly 103:4 (October 1923) : 80
source unknown (via google books) : link

see also advertisement featuring H. L. Wheeler, Machinery Designer (promoting Popular Science Monthly), in
Hardware Retailer 33:3 (October 1927) : 39
NYPL copy/scan (via hathitrust) : link

that same number of Hardware Retailer has two pages of Russell Johnson cartoons (pre-Mister Oswald!) at pp 73-73 : link

more on Russ Johnson at hardware literature / art : link; and (much more) at
misteroswald.com : link

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