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(page spread, cropped and shorn of caption and gutter, otherwise unmolested and as appears in Google view)
captioned thus —
The celebrated Simon Petition Crown.
Edge inscription.
“Thomas Simon most humbly prays Your Majesty to compare this his tryal piece with the Dutch and if more truly drawn & emboss’d more gracefully order’d and more accurately ingraven to believe him.”

Joseph Newton. “Money and Moneyers.” The Intellectual Observer; Review of Natural History, Microscopic Research, and Recreative Science I (July 1862): 405-421
University of California copy, digitized August 4, 2009

a curiosity, at least.
a similar nuther, same essay, here.
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20 April 2014

numismatics; neoclassical symmetry; and recreative science; ruination; J. Newton., “Money and Moneyers.” (1862)