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with its usual abandon


unopened plate (between pages 16-17; scanner’s thumb-trace removed at bottom, else unchanged)
illustrating Proceedings of Friday, May 6, the entire day being devoted to an excursion encompassing Allegheny Plate Glass Co., Glassmere, Pa.; Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., East Pittsburgh, Pa.; Westinghouse Machine Co., East Pittsburgh, Pa.; Firth-Stirling Steel Co., Demmler, Pa.; and Carnegie Steel Co., Homestead Works (at which the “fine group photograph” was taken)
Transactions of the American Electrochemical Society 17 (1910)
University of California copy, digitized April 29, 2010

“Section ‘Q’ was strongly in evidence, enjoying itself with its usual abandon.”   p 20

had been searching valence

18 January 2016

abandon; Homestead Works; Section ‘Q’ men; valence