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certain refractory substances

Plate 1. Mantle Fabrics, Magnified 35 Diameters.
(details, from unopened plate; printed orientation)
upper two, Lehner Mantle (burnt); lower two, Lehner Mantle (unburnt).
ex Vivian B(yam). Lewes (1852-1915 *). “Lecture on the Theory of the Incandescent Mantle.” (Delivered 13th January 1905). Journal and Record of Transactions (Junior Institution of Engineers) 127 (1906) : 111-127
NYPL copy, digitized November 13, 2013

“It was the discovery of the lime light in 1826 which first called attention to the great light-giving power of certain unburnable refractory substances when heated to a high temperature...”
p 111

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21 December 2015

aesthetics of technical images; mantles; materials; V. B. Lewes, “Lecture on the Theory of the Incandescent Mantle” (1905)