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in various ways, and tested by drifting

Plate 50, Fig. 24. Weldless Steel Tube.
from three scans of same page, respectively
Michigan copy, digitized September 12, 2007
Stanford copy, no date of digitization, and
Minnesota copy, digitized October 23, 2014
(levels 0 .80 255)
showing result of experiments with lap-welded and weldless steel tube, four-inch diameter, that had been
first flattened in various ways, then
tested by drifting (until they were burst open),
and then (an uninjured portion)
doubled up endwise,
first by blows from a heavy sledge,
and then by hydraulic pressure...

from comments by Mark Robinson in Discussion 243-254, following
Samuel MacCarthy, his “Steel Steam-Pipes and Fittings, and Benardos Arc Welding in Connection Therewith.”
Proceedings, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (April 1896) : 230-242
(these links to Michigan copy)

14 June 2016

arc-welding; drifting; metallurgy; steel; welding; S. MacCarthy, “Steel Steam-Pipes and Fittings” (1896)