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ὑπό + φύειν

(three) plates containing “tracings from 107 skulls, the drawings being secured by placing a plate of glass upon the median sagittal section of the skulls...”
(composite, 90º cw)
illustrating W. Stanley Gibson. “The Topography of the Hypophysis Cerebri.” Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics 15:2 (August 1912) : 199-205
University of Virginia copy, digitized April 8, 2009

The hypophysis is another name for the pituitary gland; the term was coined by Samuel Thomas von Sömmerring from ὑπό (‘under’) and φύειν (‘to grow’) *. Gibson was an important figure at Children”s Memorial Hospital of Chicago, and Northeastern University Medical School.

a couple steps away from a search for “silver” + “photomicrograph” + “detail.”

3 July 2016

drawing; pattern; topography; W. S. Gibson, “The Topography of the Hypophysis Cerebri” (1912)