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What new-fangled notion now?

The full number.
Brush your arm.
I fear the fire.
You threw my muff in the fire.
You are firm enough.
Will you bribe me?
Your rule will be firm.
You will blur the line.
Will you pull the wire?
The wire will burn your thumb.
I threw your muff in the river.
I fear you will burn your thumb.
The fire will burn freely.
I love the river.           You are free.
Run in my room.
I move my arm freely enough now.
I will burn the pine.
The blue fire.           You rule firmly.
I will flee from the fire.

verbatim examples of sentences employing the “tenth expression,” for r, er, ir, ur, unaccented a, a at the end of words, as in sofa...

ex Lillie Eginton Warren. The Warren Method of Expression Reading and Numerical Cipher (1898) : 15
Library of Congress copy, digitized November 30, 2012 at archive.org

For a little more on Warren, including what may be her likeness and, specifically, her Means for teaching reading of the facial expressions which occur in speaking (US patent No. 726,484, April 28, 1903), see shed one 014.

epigram ex page 61.

A kind of code: 4.2.10 / fear
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