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solely of the voids in the gravel bed, 1


Plate XXVII. The Pacoima Submerged Dam
(rotated 90ยบ, Claude Glass effect retained)
ex B. O. Reynolds. Irrigation Works. College of Engineering Manual. Madras, 1906
University of California copy, digitized September 24, 2007

Text and image originally in James Dix Schuyler. Reservoirs for irrigation, water-power, and domestic water-supply. 1901

“...built across Pacoima Creek in the San Fernando Valley, 20 miles north of Los Angeles, for the purpose of forming an underground reservoir, whose storage capacity consists solely of the voids in the gravel bed filling the valley of the stream... It is a piece of amateur work, built without engineering advice, but it serves a useful purpose, though not at all commensurate to its cost.“
(pp 187-189)

20 May 2014

infrastructure; submerged dam; Los Angeles; water
J. D. Schuyler; B. O. Reynolds