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a single furrow plowed

Plate XXIII (cropped; Claude Glass effect, unavailable in pdf)
Fig. 78. —
Shows a single furrow ploughed with a diamond point on glass, along one side of which the edge has been slightly broken and distorted, but without any true splintering. See page 107.
Figs. 79 and 80. —
Cleaving or cutting scratches at a high magnification. The dark bands are the shadows caused by total reflection from the cleft which has been opened in the substance of the glass below the surface. See page 108.

illustrating discussion of splintering scratches, furrows, and cleavage scratches, in
George Beilby (1850-1924 *). Aggregation and Flow of Solids. Being the records of an experimental study of the micro-structure and physical properties of solids in various states of aggregation, 1900-1921 (London, 1921)
University of California copy, digitized October 25, 2007

20 November 2014

aggregation and flow; flow; scratches; wandering zero
G. T. Beilby, Aggregation and Flow of Solids (1921)