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a flagrancy in the eyes

back cover, detail
The Philosophical Works of Francis Bacon... Methodized, and Made English from the Originals, with Occasional Notes, To Explain what is Obscure; and Show how Far the Several PLANS of the AUTHOR, for the Advancement of all Parts of Knowledge, have been executed to the present Time.
Volume 3. By Peter Shaw, M.D.
London, 1733
Michigan copy, digitized August 18, 2009

The restless Nature of Things, and their Desire to change, and enter one into the other.
(together with epigram) ex
discussion of the passions, and penetration, in
Sylva Sylvarum: or, Memoirs for a General History of Nature and Art, here

23 November 2014

change; desire; eyes; obscurity; obscurity of the heavens; restless
Francis Bacon, Sylva Sylvarum (1626)