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and some words were altogether lost

back cover (rotated 90ºccw, center detail)
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 37 (January to December, 1898)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
same copy, same scan archive.org
from which —

covered with spines     13
almost entirely covered by the last     14
almost entirely covered     15

punctate and covered with black or brown dots     15

covered with spines     17
each covered with a     50
hole in the ground and cover     56

are told to lie down and keep still, and are covered with rugs, bushes or grass     59-60
their heads being still covered     60
to remove the covering or look about     60
the women are now told to lie down, and are covered with bushes     64

one is above the other and they are covered     130

claimed that the ice which covered     84
the waters that covered the earth     110
covered with lava sheets thousands of square miles in extent     127

The bituminous matter is found equally in the calcareous rock and the molasses that covers it     134 *

covered with     140
cover well-nigh     163
it covers an area about     179

with covered words, in a letter     226

omits the reference to the “covered words” (bedecketen worten)
and reads     226
cover of a book,
the edges were cut off,
and some words were altogether lost     249

and other rivers, thus covering all the country     331
immense extent of country covered by     331

* S. F. Peckham. “The Genesis of Bitumens, as Related to Chemical Geology.”   108-139

23 May 2015

asphalt; bitumen; cover; too much sepia and leather of late; lost; scratches; worten
S. F. Peckham