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slightly sonorous when struck

back cover (detail)
The American Journal of Science 151 (1896)
Harvard copy, digitized July 13, 2007

volume contains S. F. Peckham and Laura A(lberta). Linton (1853-1915 *) their “On Trinidad Pitch”
from which —

“When the masses are broken into the structure resembles vesicular lava. The gas cavities are of all sizes... At any point in the deposit removed from the center of the lake, the gas, in part, has escaped from the asphaltum and the mass becomes more compact.”

“No. 3 is so-called ‘Iron Pitch’ from the Photograph lot. This is a pitch that has been melted and deprived of its water and gas. It is solid, of a blue-black color, with a dull earthy fracture and is slightly sonorous when struck.”

Let every activity have at its centre some moments of interruption.

Simone Weil, The Notebooks of, Vol. I (Arthur Wills, trans., 1956) : 96

24 May 2015

asphalt; interruption; pitch; more sepia; sonority; waves
S. F. Peckham; L. A. Linton, Simone Weil