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sentinels of a realm

Fig. 9. — Case XV. Shortly after pedicled graft operation
(cropped to square; levels 20 1.00 255)
Robert H. Ivy (1881-1974 *). “Ununited fractures of the mandible. ”
Annals of Surgery 71 (January-June, 1920) : 363-376
University of Minnesota copy, digitized October 4, 2013

Figures 6 through 14 are (beautiful) sciagraphs of cases listed here. No scan available via archive.org at this time. All injuries were gunshot fractures of the mandible, sustained in 1918; all operations took place 1919.

“Dark encrustations covered overhangs and protuberances, sucking up the light. The spectral shapes of several rotting oaks and eucalypti reached from the darkness on the lights ’ periphery, malevolent sentinels of a realm more macabre than sanity would or could accept.”

Jerry Earl Brown. Under the City of Angels (1981) : 232-235

26 May 2015

eucalyptus; sciagraphy; skiagraphy
J. E. Brown, Under the City of Angels (1981); R. H. Ivy, “Ununited fractures” (1920)