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via negativa, 10

but even this is not a harmless, nor even a safe, course. Indecision here     1823
If this is not a Contradiction, I will not pretend to say what it is.     1718
this is not a common plant     1830
so this is not a mathematical fact     1922
this is not a correct paraphrase     1832
This is not a middle     1718
This is not a bare presence     1825
till it be old. This is not a bad practice     1822
and this is not a question     1799
between you and death : and this is not a case for a man that is well in his wits to be quiet     1829
this is not a quality, but a knowledge of qualities     1807
As this is not a work of reasoning, I leave the solution as I found it     1751

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September 2016
tags: Laurence Sterne; Ludwig Wittgenstein; safety; this is not a; uncertainty; via negativa