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lines that

diverging lines — that       1907
charged lines that       1897
lines; that of antimony
lines, that of bismuth the stronger
lines, that of tellurium       1884
lines that were likely       1891
lines, that is, it has been found       1908

lines that are equally sensitive       1918
lines that there should also be       1910
tell Emme-line that she was going out for the afternoon       1909     1

principal lines, that is to say       1912     2
lines that bring       1915
lines that pass       1912
lines that may possibly be obstructed       1897
lines that move       1915
lines that terminate       1912     2a
lines that meet       1912     2b
lines that stand       1919
lines that lie       1912     2c
lines that almost killed the man with laughing       1898

the straight lines that stand for men       1898
the strong lines that are now in fashion in this critical age       1894
lines that seem to him a diluted imitation       1922
like lines that stay on withered canvas       1891
these lines should never have been printed       1906

falling into the lines that       1919
the shadows of lines that       1912 1
the lines that cast them       1912 1
lines that carry the eye up as high as possible       1915
the fainter lines, that portion which is concealed       1854
their subtile lines; that his rivers wind       1899
in flowing monosyllabic lines that affect       1899
memory. those lines that, may be, have been familiar to you       1895
lines, that they are the lines which are       1884
the lines that the sides of the outer shell make to the place where the needle is       1749
lines; that is, of eight half-lines       1914

lines. That almost entirely psychic side       1920
lines that have been classed as blue and red, or green and red (I do not know which       1907     4
beyond the lines, that       1877
lines that have been recognized in the region       1920  
other lines that reach the ocean       1891
lines that harmonise with it       1881
lines that followed, traced       1887
lines that are traceable       1905

and one for Mary Lines; that       1912     5
precocious lines that were drawn there by the iron hand of poverty before she had emerged from girlhood       1882     6
each of its lines, that the old order       1885
lines that can easily be determined       1912
lines that open the speech       1779
a few lines that you have received mine       1841


a second digression from the initial idea: to organize some thoughts about drawn lines, their fate in embarrassment and a desire to go to ground, camouflage themselves or otherwise achieve invisibility.

6 September 2017

lines; glory or gravity; shades and shadows