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there is a difference

There is absolutely no value in poor, careless, puttering work. Unless the child has a high ideal and strives to reach it, the time of the lesson is wasted. Encourage self-criticism. Work should be done to one’s own satisfaction whether it is to be seen by others or not.
      Do not allow pupils to take their work home unless it is some required practice work. It is not the object to cover a certain amount of ground, but to inculcate high standards of excellence and some technical skill. They cannot accomplish this by themselves. I would prefer that classes do not complete the entire course rather than have good work sacrificed to quantity. There is a difference between careful, painstaking effort, and the puttering away of valuable time.
      Avoid delay in distributing supplies.

ex Chapter 1. “Suggestions to Teachers,” in Handicraft for Girls : A Tentative Course in Needlework, Basketry, Designing, Paper and Card-Board Construction, Textile Fibers and Fabrics for Home Decoration and Care. Designed for Use in Schools and Homes.
Prepared by Idabelle McGlauflin, Supervisor of the Girls’ Handiwork in the Denver Public School (Peoria, Illinois, The Manual Arts Press, 1910) : 7-8

same passage initially encountered in Handicraft for Girls; a Graded Course for City and Rural Schools (Peoria, Revised Edition 1918) : 8

26 February 2022