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in one minute, and vigorous execution

In one minute the drawing should show direction of the figure or group; in five minutes it should be carried a little farther. This kind of work will help to establish the large proportions and overcome the indirect, puttering way of drawing.
      Skill and freedom are acquired by practice and sometimes by painstaking effort. Conscious effort is expected in the grammar grades, but labored effort is not to be encouraged. The work should be done with dispatch but not with carelessness.
      Good drawing and vigorous execution must always be encouraged. Finish should not be sought at the expense of thoughtful drawing.

ex Royal Bailey Farnum (State specialist in drawing and handwork, Albany, N.Y.), “Present Status of Drawing and Art in the Elementary and Secondary Schools of the United States,” U. S. Bureau of Education Bulletin No. 13, whole number 586 (1914) : 168
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Royal B. Farnum (1884-1967)
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