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“One girl agent in a 100000 town has sent to me for 320 one dollar bottles in ONE MONTH. That girl keeps house for her father and brother and sells ESS-TEE-DEE when she has nothing else to do. I have never had an order from a barber in that town yet. What do you suppose is the matter there that the barbers let this girl make all of that money while THEY are SLEEPING, or “puttering” around with tonics that are no good, or worse than that? Are YOU “puttering” or sleeping? Why not WAKE UP, and be a “LIVE ONE” and MAKE MONEY? It’s up to YOU...
Don’t you think it would pay YOU TO QUIT “PUTTERING” WITH NO GOOD TONICS? If you do, write to me for a first order and commence DOING BUSINESS...
S. T. Dustin (Chicago)

ex full page ad for ESS-TEE-DEE dandruf tonic, at The Journeyman Barber 7:7 (Indianapolis, Indiana; August 1911) : 263

27 February 2022