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an abundant element of

“...Try to eliminate all puttering undertakings from your existence.”
      Difficult as this advice would be to follow in the face of present standards, it might at least suggest a wisdom, irrespective of achievement — the widom of using one’s strength well. There seems little reason to fear but that life will always supply an abundant element of the puttering. It is something at least to have planned to watch antelope gallop over a hill.

ex Edith Wyatt, Great Companions (1917) : 279-280

from the chapter devoted to Elinore Pruitt Stewart (1876-1933, wikipedia), her Letters of a Woman Homesteader (1914)
NYPL copy among several scans at hathitrust

Edith Franklin Wyatt (1873-1958)
Edith Franklin Wyatt Papers, 1894-1968 (at Newberry Library)

27 February 2022