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with this burlesque as a consequence

As a consequence, agents have been complelled to select their teachers from poor material, chiefly Indians, whose ability to teach was of the lowest order. If we are responsible for the education of the children of this people, are we justified in puttering away their time and opportunities with this burlesque of a school system. What they require, and what they should have, is a boarding school, large enough to accommodate teachers and children, and only in this way can your agent furnish teachers in the true sense of the word.

— in section Church and Schools, report by Thos. Jennings, U. S. Indian Agent, Green Bay Agency [Menomonee Reservation], Keshena, Wis. August 25, 1886, In Report of the Secretary of the Interior for the Year ending June 30, 1886 (Vol. 1 of 5; 1886) : 466-469

9 April 2022