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about’; and not until long after does he awake

                              He gets used to occupying
work ; at the most he will be able to apply himself to little tasks or to occupations involving slight fatigue .
                              himself with easy little tasks — to ‘puttering
He will be able , however , to listen to moral or [instruc-
                              about’; and not until long after does he awake

— OCR cross-column misread (for both google and hathitrust snippets), pointing to Dr. André Treves, Chief of Staff, Centre d’Appareillage et de Rééducation Professionelle, Rennes, France, “Methods of Training,” a paper presented at the International Conference on Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Section XIV, New York, March 18 to March 21, 1919
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hathitrust (entire, University of Michigan copy)

an answer to the question —
Can professional re-education be seriously undertaken in the hospital or must it be deferred until the patient has been discharged and his medical treatment ended?

The answer is that it must not be deferred, lest the patient “acquire an inveterate habit of idleness” and, upon returning home where he is “no longer subject to the domination of a physician or a school director,” he resorts to “puttering about...” before belatedly turning to re-education school.

21 April 2022