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Domestic Superstitions

                        and then devote the day to read
and spend the evening in adjoining
                                      paper and ‘ puttering . ’
armchairs . Even then one does not see
                        one’s way clear

ex Ralph Barton Perry, “Domestic Superstitions” —
a humorous reflection on domestic politics, gender and power dynamics (matriarchy, patriarchy, and pediarchy), confluences and (more often) divergences of interest, accommodations —
in The Atlantic Monthly (August 1921) : 218-224 (220) (google books), 220 (hathitrust)

Ralph Barton Perry (1876-1957), philosopher. wikipedia

the first of two OCR cross-column confusions encountered in volume 128 of The Atlantic Monthly (1921), compounded by some erasures

22 April 2022