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another puttering utpouring

amphlet, the unscrupulous
                        would always withdraw os
utpouring of a hissing,
                        tentatiously into another
puttering hatred, that
                        room as soon as the vulgar
ften loses itself in inarticu
                        topic of woman suffrage.

— OCR misread of the word “sputtering” (from search for “another puttering”), at Rosika Schwimmer, “The Perverse Psychology of the Reactionary,” in B’nai B’rith News 15:3 (November 1923) : 73-76

same (but clearer) at hathitrust

  1. The essay is a scathing review of Cécile Tormay, her An Outlaw’s Diary : Revolution (1923)
    Cécile Tormay (1875/76-1937), Hungarian writer (including novels), translator, activist (right-wing, anti-semite)
    Tormay’s novels are briefly discussed by Lóránt Czigány in his chapter on Conservative Fiction in this period, in A History of Hungarian Literature, From the Earliest Times to the mid-1970’s (1986)
  2. Rosika Schwimmer (1877-1948), Hungarian-born (and later stateless) pacifist, feminist, world federalist, and women’s suffragist.

The wikipedia accounts of both Schwimmer and Tormay are fascinating.

28 April 2022