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silly theory, in four columns

In theory Vincent had the show goods, and now and then the delivery goods, under his care . . . but whenever anyone looked at what he was doing, it was found that instead of working, he was translating the Bible into French, German and English, in four columns, with the Dutch text in addition.
      He was puttering at this mostly. At other times when you happened to look, you caught him making little sketches, such silly pen-and-ink drawings, a little tree with a lot of branches and side branches and twigs — nobody ever saw anything else in it....

taken and combined from preview snippets to two books :
A. M. Hammacher and Renilde Hammacher, Van Gogh, a Documentary Biography (1982),
The complete letters of Vincent Van Gogh: with reproductions of all the drawings in the correspondence (1959) : 31 (but which of the three volumes?)

better bibliographic information if/when.

29 April 2022