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planing away the surface

Try to Gain Full Value in the Study and Reading of “Key Truths”
Take it Easy
Learn to Recognize Authority
Learn to Appreciate Scholarship
Learn to Appreciate Labor
Learn to Awaken Your Interest
Understand the Punctuation
Understand the Vocabulary
Use the Foot-notes
Use the Index
Develop the Reference Faculty
      The ability to place a figurative finger upon any given desired item of information is a faculty that comes with training. A book which is half index may supply the faculty for itself, but the student requiring such a crutch can gain nothing permanent from the book. The reference faculty is in particular an outstanding modern symbol of intelligence.Words do not give knowledge, but serve to convey a meaning which lies behind rather than in them. Your ability to find the word Aryan in several hundred different books in the Los Angeles library is not a mark of reference genius, but an indication of a puttering disposition. On the other hand to see in the terms Indo-Iranian, Hindu, Indian, Caucasian and other allied references the same signature in varying degree that is found in the word Aryan is first proof of this faculty.
Develop the Nose for Truth
Beware of Expecting Prejudice
Forget the Author
Get More Than You Look For
Ask Your Questions

from “Make This Book Your Own!” (what appears to be a four-page pamphlet inserted) in Marc Edmund Jones, Key Truths of Occult Philosophy : An Introduction to the Codex Occultus (Los Angeles: J. F. Rowny Press, 1925) : here (UC Berkeley copy)
same (hathitrust)

Marc Edmund Jones (1888-1980), writer, screenwriter, astrologer

more at sabian.org, e.g. —
“His lifelong fascination with structure and pattern revealed itself at an early age. He related in later years that he ‘constructed an elaborate semaphore system on the back fence with strings running all the way down to the yard and to my room in the house. I would manipulate the strings, and the engineers would salute.’”
      “He also constructed cardboard railroad systems on the floor of his room, complete with cardboard tracks and trains.”
      “Marc attended John Dewey’s experimental high school in Chicago. His attention to detail was revealed in a story he told many years later of planing away the surface of an entire board in a manual training class there, trying to get its surface perfect.”

epigram on title page —
“All things are related to all other things in activity, substance and form”

1 May 2022