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utterances of, hopeless

In the absence of measurable public opinion in the Germany of that time we must take the utterances of the puttering diet at Regensburg as one main gauge of the political thinking of the Empire, and certainly at Regensburg a peace policy — whether Prussian or Imperial — found much support.

ex Guy Stanton Ford, Hanover and Prussia 1795-1803 : A Study in Neutrality (Columbia University; Studies in History, Economics and Public Law 18:3, 1903) : 61

puttering appears again, in the same author’s Stein and the Era of Reform in Prussia, 1807-1815 (1922) : 317
“When the futility of the puttering and powerless Frankfort Diet is recalled, one may be grateful for the narrow-mindedness at Berlin which kept Stein from wasting his energies on a hopeless mission.”

Stein is Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein (1757-1831), wikipedia
Guy Stanton Ford (1873-1962) was President of the University of Minnesota (1938-41)
Guy Stanton Ford papers, University of Minnesota
acampusdivided.umn.edu/ (interesting)

15 July 2022